Monday, December 20, 2010

Disappearing act.

Yep...I disappeared. I'm sorry. I have missed you all and feel oddly out of sorts that I haven't read your blogs in so long! Like many, I got tired of blogging. But I am back again...with some news.....I 'm engaged and am planning my budget wedding (hence the new title)!

A special thanks to the lovely bloggetts who noticed I was missing :-)


  1. Congrats, Vicci! I'm looking forward to the wedding posts. And your new blog layout and background is looking great too :) Love the watercoloury background. Very pretty.

  2. Wow, a HUGE congratulations!!!
    Looking forward to hearing about what youve been up to and dont forget to show us your ring :)
    What is Melbourne weather like at the moment? Here in Adelaide its like the middle of winter :(


  3. Congrats, lady! I've been MIA from the blogging world also, but I had to step back in to tell you congratulations! Can't wait to hear about all your plans.


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