Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is just a brief little story to bring you all up to date.....

This time last month The Boyfriend and I flew back to New Zealand to attend his sisters beautiful beach side wedding.
Much fun was had and much drinking was done.
The next day I was a little worse for wear.
On the way home The Boyfriend INSISTED that we stop at a picturesque river, stating he wanted to take photos. I initially refused to get out of the car, then refused to walk down the bank, but he persuaded me.
Once down on the shore he drew a heart in the sand while my back was turned, but I thought little of it.
He asked me to stand in the heart...but I refused to do that as well!

Finally the poor boy gave in, dropped to one knee and proposed.
And I said "are you serious?"
Followed by "yes!"
So The Boyfriend will now be referred to as Dickie ( an old nickname) being as he is no longer just a boyfriend. We have been together seven years, and I had long ago given up any hope that we would be married, as it was something Dickie was not keen on at all. I so believed it was not on the cards for us, that for the previous six months he had been making the ring box right in front of my eyes..and I never even clicked!

So, now that the deed is done I am planning the wedding.....


  1. Ooooh oh congratulations!
    Haha I love how so many engagement stories are similar to yours - he's trying to make it special and you're not playing along! Makes for a great surprise though.
    I can't wait to hear all about your wedding plans - very clever with the name change.
    (lovely ring too!)

  2. oooh Congrats!! Thats so exciting! The dresses in the post above look lovely too :)


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