Friday, October 1, 2010

I am just so frustrated with my computer at the moment. So frustrated that any minute now Melbourne dwellers could see a UFC (unidentified flying computer) launched from our balcony. Or maybe I will just beat the living crap out of it in the living room ,then throw nasty computer confetti over unsuspecting passers by. Blogger is point blank refusing to let me post in the updated just keeps loading, loading and loading. Bastard.
That's not even the end of it, as my damn computer keeps picking up viruses like a player getting STD's. No sooner have I wiped one and it picks up another one. It must be consorting with unsavory laptops while I'm asleep.

In an effort to escape from this ongoing laptop angst (and the AFL final) The Boyfriend and I borrowed a friends car and spent last weekend at Lakes Entrance. A good decision it seemed, as not only was Melbourne hit with AFL fans over the weekend, it was also hit with cold weather. While we basked in warmth and sunshine!

The first day was spent driving, arriving in time to watch the sun set over the lakes. Beautiful.

I wore loose clothing for comfort. My favourite (and only!) pair of jeans, a pair of sandals and a newly thrifted lilic top (50 cents) that had a seaside print and gold buttons as a shoulder detail.

Fittingly though, on return to Melbourne we found out that the AFL match was a draw, so they are playing again this weekend. And my computer was still being a bastard.
What a hard life for me...not!


  1. Arg that sux, technology is nice when it works but oh so frustrating when it doesn't!!!

    Yay for your weekend away, sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered. Looks like a great get away location.

  2. As if one grand final wasnt enough hey!? Mikey wanted me to go watch the 2nd final at his place and I said no way lol
    Computers are such a pain arent they. Sounds like you had a nice day away anyways. And I love your new top, the fabric looks lovely.


  3. Okay first - your hair is looking lovely and the lavender colour of your tip is smashing on you! Second - I have very little patience for my computer too. I love it when everything works but I HATE it when just one thing doesn't go right. Third - I absolutely have to leave the city whenever a big sports event is on too. It makes me shudder all those jocks converging...


  4. Argh my computer has been playing up lately too. Super frustrating and I really don't want to have to buy a new one.

    Hope yours starts working again soon!!

  5. Oh no, I want to do the same thing to my work computer! How satisfying would be be to just smashy smashy away!?
    Glad you had a lovely weekend away though. That feather shot is very pretty.


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