Wednesday, August 11, 2010


During the week I don't often see The Boyfriend. He works during the day, and I work afternoon shifts,so the only time we meet is when we are sleeping. On the bright side, if I miss him too much then I can just take a day off! Because of this we try to spend some quality time together in the weekends. Sunday was one of those days.
The Prahran markets, grabbing lunch down the laneways in the city, checking out the Sunday craft market and checking out the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria). Very nice indeed!

The Boyfriend had never been to the NGV before and he was so fascinated. He just couldn't believe how old the art works were, he was peering up at the canvases like he expected to find a "made in china" sticker...
One of my favourite installations was the never ending ladder....

I wore the newly thrifted blazer and singlet from my last post. Initially I had my hair out and my bowler hat on, but the wild wind quickly destroyed that plan.....its so inconvenient when the weather destroys your outfit plans. And if that's all I have to worry about then I think I'm doing OK!

Singlet: $4.99 thrifted
Jeans: $29 Sussans
Blazer: $6.99 thrifted
Clogs: $145 Urban Jungle
Necklace/purse/scarf all thrifted


  1. I love the markets in Melbourne!
    Love the outfit, they were great finds... I have a soft spot for blazers too :)

  2. gorgeous blazer. . am missing melbourne, will hafta go back there soon!

  3. I love all your blazers! you have such a fantastic collection!!


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