Friday, August 13, 2010


Had a short course to attend, boring old basic life support. Broken record. I wish they could at least put out new DVDs each year! Rain was pouring down, looks like the spring rainy season has arrived in this fair city.
To alleviate the boredom I brought some deep red lipstick from the Body Shop and ate croissants....
I have recently have been thinking about getting a new tattoo, or covering up the one on my ankle. I found this article, reblogged by Porcelain Complexion, very useful....if only I had read it years ago!

Dress: $5 thrifted
Jacket: $80 Retrostar
Cardigan: $20 LWR
Tights and clogs seen before....


  1. At least you get a dvd, we just have to demonstrate on the dummy :/ Im very over work this week, a new ward, a whole new group of staff, I can hardly be bothered! Do you still work agency? if you do, I duno how you do it, every shift you would have to go through that.
    Can you believe its been hardly raining allll week and now the weekend is here and I actually have it off, it will be raining alll weekend :( boo
    I really adore that jacket of yours. Im curious, what is the tattoo you want to cover up?
    Hope you enjoy your weekend :)


  2. The ward im on now is orthopaedics, ears nose and throat surgery, plastics. and before I was on general medical, surgical, oncology and vascular. Such a big difference between the two.
    I bet it is heaps good experience working in all different wards, I dont think that I could though. We dont really get agency at our hospital, they just overstaff all the wards and send us relieving :(


  3. Red lippy is the ultimate pick me up.
    Love that coat! And that stripe dress too :)
    I wish I'd read that article years ago too...never mind we live & learn & our mistakes make us who we are


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