Monday, August 9, 2010


In my humble opinion the best area for op-shopping in Melbourne is Frankston. Technically, of course, Frankston is actually considered a separate city, but as it is only an easy train ride away I choose to ignore this fact. There is at least nine op-shops there to my knowledge, if there is any more then they are well hidden!
Leona and I drove out there on Saturday and shopped up a storm. I left with two dresses, a wool blazer, singlet top and a maxi dress pattern. Leona left with two bags of stuff!
But to find the good, you also have to trawl through the bad....

That's not even half of it! No, no and no is all I have to say. The most evil of them all is the pale long sleeved dress. I look like I need to be rushed to hospital and given a blood transfusion...stat! While I'm aware of the vampire obsession that is currently sweeping the world, I prefer not to look so pale I glow.

Ironically I only took two pictures of the items I did buy....

I have an unhealthy obsession with blazers. They tend to fit me oh so well, and I find that I just can't say no.
This wool one with satin lining called out to me, and is now sitting proudly in my wardrobe (with my other seven blazers...).

Yes. This is just a black singlet. But its an awesome one! The material is quite thick and ribbed, and so soft. I am not a fan of the thin jersey material that singlet tops are made out of these days. They show EVERY lump and bump, and I think don't really flatter anybody. I like a bit of length and proper material that feels, well, substantial. This one has a low scoop back, and was made by "Fabulous beaute inventions"...that's right, beauty with an "e"....

Frankston put on a lovely sunny winters day for us. In fact both of us enjoyed our little road trip so much that this time next week we are heading further down the Mornington peninsula to the hot springs. There we plan to immerse ourselves in hot water, have a sleepover somewhere quaint, eat nice food and, of course, check out all the opshops! Yay to girly trips!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I actually like some of the stuff you thought was 'bad' such as the black/white striped dress and that last lace top :) I also love the blazer you bought!


  2. Ooh, looks awesome, will have to check it out when I make it to Melbourne :)

  3. Beautiful outfits!


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