Friday, August 6, 2010

Clear out

I have just been through my closet and taken out anything that I don't LOVE when I put it on. It was surprising how much clothing I had, that I loved in theory, but hated on my figure. I am beginning to think of warmer weather, and am not in a hurry to make the same summer clothing mistakes I made last year. I totally misjudged Melbourne's weather, and thought it would be similar to New Zealand summer, so the humidity completely threw me off. Often it was a struggle to even leave the house, as I knew I would overheat within minutes. This year I plan to fill my wardrobe with more natural and easy care fabrics, no polyester blends for me!
I also hate my heavy legs, which maintain their pudgy paleness all year round. Just to spite me I think.
There is now only five short dresses in my wardrobe, and I plan to fill the rest with lovely maxi dresses.
I have been trawling the net for inspiration pictures, bring on the summer breeze....

I luuuuurrrvvveee this maxi. I have a similar pattern, so I may just make one.

From here.

This outfit is amazing, I have put red lipstick on my list of must-haves!

From here.

From here.

Hold on summer...I'm coming!

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  1. Know what, Ive already bought two summer dresses this winter eeek! I just love dresses, I should pretty much just threw away all my skirts and shorts because dresses are just so comfy, thats all i plan on wearing this summer. Bring on the warm weather I say :)
    I hate my legs too, maxi dresses or dresses just on the knees probably suit me best.
    Love those first two maxi dresses, I have a black maxi and grey faux fur vest, maybe a combo I should try :)
    Have you not been on the puffing billy before? thats a suprise! I really reccomend it, make sure you dress realllllly warm though. I hadnt been back to fern tree gully where I lived when I was real young before and its so pretty around there and through the grampions. Next time we visit VIC we plan to stay around that area.



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