Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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I am a generously proportioned woman. I have never been thin. I was a fat baby, that turned into a fat child, and am now a fat adult. I am not obese, I do not have so much weight to lose that people would think I am amazing for losing it, but it still has to go. Every year I promise myself that I will finally wear a bikini on the beach, and every year I fail.
So this time I have decided not to do it alone, and have joined the 12 week body transformation to kick start a new, healthier me. So far we are running through the planning stages, and I have found people amazingly supportive. I feel that the tasks we have to do prior to starting the challenge are well thought out and really make you re-evaluate your lifestyle and choices. For too long I have been a couch potato, sustaining myself on food and its time I changed that! My aim is too lose 15kgs over the next six months, with an ultimate goal of 20kgs. This would get me within a healthy weight range. Time will tell!
So this brings me to another long term goal of mine. Running. 
I have always envied those who can run for miles, they seem almost god-like to me! 
Due to this I have also started a running programme, and I have to say I am loving it. I feel much better in myself, and its something I can see myself sticking too, unlike all the gyms I have wasted money on over the years.....
So there it is. My current plans. I hope to post here about my journey, plus my usual posts over the coming months. Wish me luck!


  1. Well good luck! It sounds like a good programme, hopefully it works for you.
    I would also like to loose probably 10kgs would be a realistic goal. But whenever I loose weight I always put it back on, so ive realised that if you make changes they must be long term if I dont want to put weight back on. This of course is the hardest thing ever!
    And this winter I have done no exercise what so ever, i feel terribly lazy...although work is so crazy it pretty much should count as exercise haha.
    Thats funny you say you would like to run because I have always wanted to too! Have you read the blog Never Homemaker ? I think you would like it, lots of healthy recipes and running tips etc.
    Keep us posted :)


  2. Good for you!
    I'm a total couch potato myself at the moment, I've put on about 10kg is the last year & a half & I think I too will start a more health routine in the near future

  3. Good luck!
    That's good having your running goal to keep you motivated and exercising!

  4. i second your feelings about "every year i promise myself i'll be in a bikini" hehe...don't know how many times i've promised myself that! ;) i look forward to seeing you succeed!

  5. I look forward to following your progress, good luck!

  6. Yay :) good for you. The programme looks good and it will be a good kickstart too. Good luck xx

  7. How did you go? I have been flicking through your blog and have just started running as part of my weight loss plan too :)


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