Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Product review: Kosmea

I have never mentioned before my interest in living a more eco-conscious lifestyle. I'm not sure why, guess it just never came up?! I have always been sympathetic towards environmental issues. But as I age I find myself more and more concerned about where things come from, the impact they have and where they go once we are done with them. Due to this I have been on a mission to "greenify" my life piece by piece. Beauty products are something I use a lot of, yet up until a year or so ago I never really thought about what was actually in them, or what they were tested on.
I have dry skin, with constant, irritating breakouts on my chin. Now in my late twenties I am starting to notice fine lines around my eyes, and, thanks to my job, dark circles lurking under them.
Alas, I am a bit vain. So I have spent alot of time and money trying to fix, or at least slow down these issues. In the last few years I have tried Olay, Garnier, Palmers, Proactive, and Nivea just to name a few. None gave  me the skin I was after, and some even gave me a rash! I then tried a range of "natural" products, without much success.
Eventually I settled on organic rosehip oil. It ticked a lot of the boxes (made in Australia, not tested on animals, no unpleasant ingredients) plus it kept my poor skin soft and hydrated. Still I was not happy, I needed more!

May I introduce Kosmea's eighth natural wonder revitalising facial serum. This stuff works miracles. My skin feels great, my breakouts are almost a thing of the past, and the lines seem to be fading. I put this on my face every morning before applying some of my faithful rose hip oil (for extra is winter), and again every night before I go to bed. I had seen and read occasional reviews about Kosmeas products, which of course all said they were great (like reviews/ads tend to). This serum often got a special mention, but at $60 a bottle I wasn't convinced. On a buying splurge a few months back I did end up purchasing a bottle, and, unlike other purchases I have never once regretted it. And I'm only halfway through the bottle...

So that's it. My first product review. I am of cour not being paid/forced to do this. I really, really like this product! I hope if you try it you love it too...not that you need it ;-)

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  1. I, like you, also have very dry skin. I had really bad acne as a kid & was put on one of the most extreme anti acne medications (which is now banned in some places because it can cause liver failure - which they didn't know at the time)
    Great review, sound like a product I should get me hands on!
    Where do you buy it from?

    P.s thanks for your comment, you're a sweetheart!
    I'm in Christchurch by the way :)


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