Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Red again.

What a busy weekend. On Friday (I know, not really the weekend) I was supposed to go the the Peninsula Hot Springs with a friend of mine, only to find out she was in hospital with some mystery virus!Rather than luxuriating in the springs we spent the day in the emergency room, but it seems all is well now...
As I had a two for one voucher The Boyfriend and I  drove out to the springs on Saturday. They were amazing, and I hate to say it, a bit nicer than the ones I have been to in New Zealand. With multiple small pools hidden in bush, and lovely views, it was very relaxing. The evening I went out with friends to The Local in St Kilda East. Its great for all you social drinking needs, as not only is there more beers than you could throw a stick at, but my friends inform me it is also a champion place to pick up single men...
Sunday was spent once again at the Camberwell markets, where I picked up a few new treasures, including a Rolex and a perfect seventies suitcase. I plan to use that suitcase on a mystery trip I am planning for the hardworking boyfriend...

Dress: $6.99 Salvation Army
Shoes: $40 Number One Shoe Warehouse

I still have a giveaway in the works, I have collected all sorts of goodies. At this point I am too lazy to take any pictures of it unfortunately. Rosina Lee isn't though, so go check out her giveaway, the bracelet is amazing!


  1. The hot springs looks amazing! wow!

  2. Love the red dress. I am now following your blog.
    I've always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand!


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