Sunday, July 4, 2010

korean for dinner.

This is what I wore out with friends. Our Friday night dinner is an ongoing standing date, consistently somewhere down Chapel street, and always somewhere delicious and cheap! I attend sporadically because I am often working, but it is great fun when I do. This week we went to Haruaki for their great bibimbap, which I fully recommend! I was having a bit of a blah day, so I dressed for comfort...
Top: $6 Salvation Army
Jeans: $29 Sussans
Necklace: $7 Spotsgirl
Shoes: $5 Country Road outlet


  1. Cute look! Although your toes must have been frozen. I think Melbourne is even colder than Adelaide!


  2. Stripes are so classic and chic, what a great find! xo

  3. that sounds good! (I'm glad you linked it though, I had no idea what it was :p)

    You look cute, I love the stripes. But second what Rose said, arn't your toes freezing!?!


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