Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good things take time, so they say.

Its been such a productive day! I've cleaned out my wardrobe, done the washing, made the bed, tided our lounge, and ate some very bad McDonald's. Best of all I have finally organised the promised giveaway!I love the stuff I have managed to put together, and I hope the winner does too :-) 
Before I get too carried away here's what I wore today. While cleaning I also stumbled across the perfect new picture-taking place, so hopefully I will have slightly better inside photos from now on?!
The weather in Melbourne has been possibly slightly warmer the last week or so. I keep seeing bloggers on this side of the world talking about summer not being too far away...wishful thinking? Perhaps....

So many "forgotten" items were found in my closet today. This homemade, fully lined silk dress is one of them. Does that mean I have too much stuff, or a short attention span?!

Dress: $5 Camberwell markets
Shoes: $20 Barkins
Necklace $20 Etsy
Most likely fake Rolex: $1 Camberwell markets
Tights: $10 Target

I know I swore black and blue that I wouldn't be wearing tights this winter. But I took the advice of This Little Piggie and brought some cotton tights. Finally, tight related comfort!

I am still lusting after a pair of clogs, but these will do for now. At this point I have found four possible suppliers of my future clogs, Funkis, Nordic Fusion, Tessa Clogs and Clogs of Sweden.  Not to mention ebay. I will have clogs by summer!


The lucky winner will get:
A cream leather clutch
An embroidered black silk sleeveless top
A cute 80's cotton knit - size 10/12
A marbled scarf
Beaded blue necklace
90's bright floral sundress - size 10/14
And a pair of original vintage aviator's with the tag still attached!

 All thrifted here in Melbourne...

Its packed up waiting for its new home!
This giveaway is open to anyone and you can enter up to two times

* Follow my blog, then leave a comment on this post.

* Post about my giveaway on your blog. Then leave me a comment and link on this post.

Entries close Saturday the 17th of July.
Good luck!


  1. So glad you found some wearable tights! I lovvve tights :) I really like your shoes too. Goodluck finding some clogs, as much as I like them, I duno how well I would be able to walk in them!
    I would love to enter your giveaway, some awesome stuff there :)


  2. yay! sign me up. You know I follow your blog, even though i have been a bad commenter lately! I'm also glad you found some tights, I am missing wearing mine in the burning hot southwestern US right now. I guess I can just live vicariously through you southern hemisphere gals!

  3. Love your cute little shoes - I'm also convinced Sydney has been warmer too, but it may just be my imagination. Who knows...

  4. Thanks for letting me know about the give-away, I haven't had much blog reading time of late so i wiuld have missed out! I loved the stuff I won in your last one!
    So glad you found some comfy tights, the look great with the gorgeous dress.

  5. Camberwell market is good Sunday fun - but maybe not as fun as rediscovering great clothes in your own wardrobe! I'd love to enter the give-away.

  6. Hey hun,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, you're a sweety :)
    Loving your outfit! I love it when you find stuff you've forgotten about!!
    Well done on the wardrobe tidy up, I'm going through that process at the moment, it's such a misson!!
    p.s I've started following :)

  7. Cool! Have just found your blog & am now a follower :)

  8. I love that feeling - like shopping in your own closet haha! I feel like I'm poping out out of the woodwork for a giveaway but I'm just starting to get back into the blogosphere again but a giveaway is always tempting ...and the stuff looks so cute!

  9. Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway! I am a follower and would very much like to enter this giveaway :)

    I'm so happy you received the necklace and you like it!!

    Also, re: the blogroll I don't know if my blog isn't updating on your blogroll due to my feeds? I messed around with them last week, maybe I inadvertantly did something to it :/

  10. Dead jealous of those shoes. And I can't wait to break out clogs this summer. The last time I wore them was in primary school I think :)

  11. Well I'm already following :) / have been for sometime!

    But this is a lovely collection of things, you always do so well with op-shopping and finding amazing gems!

    Dress looks great too btw!


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