Sunday, July 11, 2010

The end is nigh.

I can almost see it. The light at the end of my clog-related tunnel that is. Last week I noted a new shop down Geville street, with clogs in the window.....
Unfortunately the doors were firmly locked and no one was home.
 Today I completed my usual Sunday ritual of Camberwell markets (Clothes and other precious things) and Prahran markets ( fruit and vege). Afterwards I decided to check out the above mentioned shop, Urban Jungle, and not only did they have HEAPS of clogs, but they had the exact same pair I was going to order online!
The size I need will be arriving in store on Tuesday, so I bet you can guess where I will be that morning....
 My friends will be glad they are working, as I think they were publicly embarrassed today as I was squealing and jumping for joy. Generally making a spectacle of myself :-)

see the post below...

Very warm wool jacket: $10 Retrostar sale
Dress: $20 Bardot
Tights: $10 Target
Leather boots: $10 Retrostar sale
Pashmina: $? Chinatown, New York.
Watch: $1 Camberwell Markets


  1. Lovely outfit, you have a really cute smile:)

  2. I would have squealed with joy too! I love when that happens, such a nice pick-me-up.
    Loving this outfit - I really like the contrast in the fabrics :)

  3. I love that jacket!! The cut and color are fabulous!

    P.S.- The reason my blog wasn't updating had to do with one of my posts containing some rotten links. I deleted it and now all is right with the world :D


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