Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So...we haven't spoken in a while.

Yes. It happend again. Our IHF (internet hoging flatmates) once again downloaded piles of god-knows-what and used up all the broadband. So once again I have been unable to access my blog, and even worse, unable to keep up with my blogroll! I hate when this happens, because it takes HOURS to catch up on all the blog updates! To remedy this The Boyfriend and I are moving into an AMAZING apartment in central Melbourne, with views that you just want to stare at all day....and we will have non-internet hoging flatmates!
Speaking of The Boyfriend, this weekend was (almost) all about him, as he has now reached the grand old age of  twenty nine. I organised a long weekend away in the Victorian high country as part of his birthday present.
The extreme weather  poor Victoria was battered with mostly seemed to pass us by, with the exception of some rain. We stayed in a little cabin near a river, at one of the local camping grounds, so were safe and warm, overnight at least!
Just to make up for my, probably unoticed, extended blog absence, I am going to go nuts and post oddles of photos from our weekend.
You may require a snack to get through this....!

Why did we make a detour just to get a photo with this sign, beside a blink-and-you'll-miss-it town?
The Castle. And to feel the serenity...

Dinner in Beechworth.

Post dinner.

Cute little shop windows. Beechworth is so quaint, as many of the old buildings have been lovingly maintained.

Mmmmmm honey...ever tasted macadamia and ginger honey? I have!

100% thrifted!

A lookout on the way to Bright.

Gum forest, and boulders that The Boyfriend desperately wanted to climb.

More huge boulders. I had planned to spend a day spotting The Boyfriend so he could go climbing mad, but it was too damp to scale anything!

Ropers lookout, near Falls Creek in the Alpine national park.
It was freezing out there, with strong winds bringing thunder and rain, but the views were stumnning, and so worth the tramp to get there.

All the trees covering the nearby mountains were dead (unsure why), hence the reason they are white...

The Boyfriend especially like the hedge maze we visited near Bright, it was so complex that we had to cheat!
Today was spent driving back to Melbourne, we stopped at several op shops on the way, and I came away with a few treasures, including a brass/tile bracelet and a fish bowl...SCORE!


  1. Looks awesome Vicci! See you post 'Nam


  2. I really enjoyed the tour and the photographs are fab.

    As for the flatmates....aaaaaagggghhhhhh> Tiem will come when you'll have a computer all to yourself. One day!

  3. Lovely shots!
    Bright is the only place in rural Victoria I have been and it was the cutest and prettiest spot ever!
    And yay for a new place, it sounds amazing.

  4. Woweeee! You always have to most interesting road trips. Always such fun to read. Good luck with the move - it is such an exhausting thing to do!


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