Monday, March 15, 2010

A good girl guide is always prepared.

I WAS actually a girl guide, but as I grew up on a farm, over an hour away from the nearest headquarters, so I did it all by correspondence! Every month I would get a huge package full of things to make and do, and letters from all the other correspondence girl guides, it was like christmas. Once I had done what I needed to do, I put my letter in with the others and sent it to the next girl...

I was pretty bored today, there is not much work for me at the moment, so the days are long...
As we are moving in the weekend it seemed a good idea to sort out all my clothes. I have so much more than I thought I did! I quickly got sidetracked though, and played around with some cooler weather outfits (even if it was 30 degrees today!). Alas my camera died once I took these photos, so this is all you get!
I am so excited to start layering my clothes again.  It's hard to make one piece of clothing look interesting, as then its all about the accessories,  which i'm not great with!
Im wearing my Jeanswest "tummy tuck" jeans, embroided black silk top $15 from the Round She Goes market, shoes $10 from Barkins, merino cardigan $30 from LWR, and red wool blazer $1 from the Nelson dump!
My necklace is $4.95 from Sussans, and all my bracelets are thrifted. Last, but not least, the tie dyed orange silk scarf was $3 from the, what a lot of stuff!


  1. You look very nice. Im starting to think about getting down my spacebags filled with winter stuff. Although it seems to be cold days inbetween hot days in Adelaide at the moment, same in Melbourne?
    Where abouts are you moving to?


  2. I'm starting to get excited about winter dressing too! May as well have something to look forward too!
    love that jacket too, red looks great on you.

  3. What a gorgeous coat! And I love the jewelry, I wish I could thrift some bangles like those!

  4. I really like this outfit, the jewelry is so gorgeous too, pretty, pretty!
    Mamushka Marie


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