Saturday, February 20, 2010

Four funky ladies!


Last Saturday we met up at K's place for some home made tapas and drinkies...mmmm
I wore a new dress from Bardot, $15 and my much loved $40 platform heels from the Number One shoe warehouse. The dress is jersey, and the only way I managed to wear it without looking like a badly stuffed sausage was with my also new, and amazingly awesome, body stocking. I can not believe it took so long for me to buy one of these things....seriously, even if your a skinny wee thing they will make you look better. Trinny and Susannah were right.


For some reason I like this picture, outside Luna park in St Kilda.


G looked very elegant and upper class, I especially liked the braid along her hairline! She reports that her dress is from, and shoes from ninewest.


K was wearing a backless jersey dress, $20 from Landes, and shoes $5 from an outlet store.


I did'nt get a full length picture of N, so you will just have to take my word for it that she looked fabulous! She was wearing a top from Marrickville, skirt from, thrifted shoes and a vintage bettina liano belt (she has one of the smallest waists I have ever seen in real life...).
As for her friend there...I would suspect his outfit may well have been thrifted....


  1. Looks like a super fun night! And I looove your dress, yay for body stockings lol. And your friends look gorgeous too.
    Thanks for your comments recently, my second weeks almost over with and I certainly feel like a fish out of water, but of course each shift I learn so many new things...will get there eventually :)



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