Monday, February 8, 2010

Sultry summer days and my FIRST EVER blog award!


Yesterday was sweltering. Seriously, by eleven o'clock I was melting. The morning was spent scouring the Camberwell markets with G and N, before the heat made my pasty self beat a hasty retreat for shade. And for reasons unknown to me I had put sunscreen all over myself, except for the large tattoo on my shoulder, which is now rather sore. Stupid. I didn't have much luck at the markets, though my new "stop buying crap" policy may be the reason for that. I only brought two dresses, the one i'm wearing above for $2, and a stripy number for $8.  The one above was terribly stained and I was worried it couldn't be saved, but a soak and a wash later and its perfect! I love a bargin. Once the heat was bearable we went to St Kilda for dinner, G looked super cute, and The Boyfriend rather dashing (but he thought his photo was a bit dodgy...)


In other news I got passed on an award from Rose at Roses r Red 
Its my first one, thanks so much!

I would like to pass it on to:
Lauren at This Little Piggie 
Claire Marie at Mamushka Marie 
Ashley at Yammering Muse 


  1. Your new dress looks great on you! what a bargin!
    You deserve the award forsure :) I cant believe you havent recieved one before, seriously.
    Thankyou for your comment also. Adealide isnt really exciting. If you know where to go there are deffinately lovely places, but you would need a car to see them forsure.
    Documentation is deffinately important isnt it! First day of orientation today was rather boring, first day on the ward tomorrow which should be a bit more exciting/nerve wreaking lol


  2. That dress is adorable! And what an amazing bargain. So envious that you went to Camberwell market.

    Thanks so much for the award, lovely!


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