Thursday, February 11, 2010


As I mentioned in the previous post, last Sunday was spent trawling through the Camberwell markets.
These pictures were taken as I was waiting for the tram, a very long wait! I'm wearing my current "go to" dress, a super comfy thick T-shirt material dress from Shantons in New Zealand. The weather here is just so humid that a basic comfy outfit is key!


For those of you who live in Australia, or may visit Melbourne one day, the Camberwell markets are a must visit. Whatever you may be looking for i'm sure you would find it there, or at least something equally perfect!



A couple of days later I wore the same do a bit of afternoon shopping with K, an american friend of mine. Like me K is an agency nurse, so we have the ability to pick and choose when we will work, which is great if you are in the mood for shopping! K is a generous soul, so, just because she "felt like it" she brought me a handbag I had been lusting after for a while, I love it!


K trying on an indecently short dress...


Once the shops had closed we holed up in a bar, drinking jugs of cheap beer and people watching. We discussed politics with an irritating young guy,  witnessed a shoplifter getting arrested, and got asked for drug money (request denied).


After a feast of $4 pizzas at The Lucky Cock I weaved my way home...
And was slightly worse for wear the next day...


  1. *sob* I miss the Camberwell market. (I say that every time don't I?)
    But I love that dress, people say horizontal stripes are a no no, but I think they look amazing on this dress!

  2. I love markets like this. I live in Scotland near Glasgow city and they have nothing like this which I think is quite shameful really. If I should ever travel to Australia and more specific to Melbourne. I will ensure this is on the itenary. Thanks for sharing.


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