Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Way too many photos of my new dress.

But I love it so! I brought it for $3 at my local op shop.

There was a whole pile of new stock at the shop, I suspect all from the same place. I tried on a number of things, mostly dresses, but the mystery donor must have been a tiny wee thing.
Only two of them fitted!

This one is so very, very, cute. It is made out of thick, soft T-shirt material, with the cutest little "70's storybook" pattern. I think it is pretty old though, maybe 70's or 80's, because it has an old fashioned metal zip at the back. I am also wearing my new black straw hat, $24 from an outlet store, sandals $19 from Target, brass locket $15 off esty, my glasses and bracelets are thrifted.

As it has been so unbelievably hot here in Melbourne I have been living in this dress...its just so darn comfy! I also picked up a silky black wrap dress, with a cinched in waist, tulip hem, and an unusual bow fastening. Once its shortened I will show you some pictures!
But you must excuse me, I'm off to stick my head in the freezer :-)


  1. That dress is so cool! I love it with the sandals and hat, too!

  2. This dress is AWESOME! I'm dying to belt it.

  3. Oh my gosh I remember that Melbourne heat! Unbearable, I feel for you. But at least you look super cute! I really love those sandals.

  4. I love the fabric of your new dress. Its so hot in Adelaide too :( all this week is in the high 30's, i guess Melbourne is pretty similar?


  5. You are so cute! That dress is gorgeous on you! Also loved your cup day photos!


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