Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A day at the races.

On the third of November a group of us went to "the race that stops the nation", otherwise known as Melbourne cup day!

I wore a thrifted strapless dress, a last minute choice. I was going to wear a vintage (70's), deep V neck, wrap dress, but the evening before the races I decided to wear the strapless number instead. Mainly because I didn't have the right bra! This dress was a bit big around the top, but overall I was pleased with my choice. I made the fascinater myself, and got lots of comments about it at the races. I am always a bit unsure about jewelery, I don't want to look like I'm drowning in it, but I think i tend to wear too little. For the races I wore my two thrifted golden bird brooches, and some wee gold earrings. I spent the morning mentally kicking myself because I had found the most amazing necklace at savers a few weeks ago, but stupidly didn't end up buying I can imagine wearing it with so many things. It was a huge collar style necklace made of thousands of wee pearls...I'm so stupid!

One of my friends, who always looks immaculate, had the most amazing little lace gloves...custom made for her! Unfortunately they got covered in mustard by the end of the day, due to forgotten hot dogs. I hope they will be OK. One of my other friends was wearing an amazing black and red hat, which she found on gumtree, and then spent hours on a train to the countryside to pick it that is dedication.

The boyfriend is a bit funny about clothes. He regards shopping as some sort of torture, and walks around with a ridiculously pained expression on his face. We got the vest and dress pants for my sisters wedding last year, and the shirt was made for him in Vietnam. The only thing I made him buy was the hat, just because I liked it, and so did he by the end of the day:-)

After an insane fight with a bunch of old ladies (started entirely by the old ladies!), we finally found a spot for us to sit in the crowded race grounds. We girls spent the day gossiping on our rug, eating brownie and crackers with cheese. The men folk spent the day supplying us ladies with wine, and putting bets on the races. The boyfriend and I won nothing!

The weather was good, we had plenty of food and wine, and a lovely dinner out once the races were finished. A pretty perfect day.

I have been doing all sorts of things recently, not that you would know given the poor state of my blog. I have taken heaps of photos and plan to put up a few more posts! Yay!


  1. I love your outfit- the fascinator is awesome! And all your friends are so cute and stylish too!

  2. Well done on the fascinator, it looks amazing! I love your bird brooches too.
    Your friends gloves are just darling, I hope they will be ok too!

  3. You looked lovely for the races, so did your friends. And i agree on those lace gloves, theyre gorgeous!
    I had to laugh when you said about the fight with the old ladies! haha what happened?
    Looking forward to hearing about what youve been up to :)



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