Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prison dress.

I look like a Lycra clad escaped prisoner.

I'm not too sure about this dress, I brought it a few weeks ago for $20 from some random store. It has an asymmetrical drape thing going on, which I kind of like...

I kinda feel it's a bit short...yep, I'm harping on about things being "too short again". I have a thing about my legs...The dress turned out to be too hot to wear today anyway. I ended up buying an amazing maxi dress, which was super comfortable to wear on such a hot hot day!
Shoes and jewelry as per previous post.


  1. *gasp* no that dress is awesome!

    I saw a woman wearing something very, very similar a few weeks ago and have been hankering after something like it ever since.

    I think the assymetrical detail is great.

  2. You don't look short at all! Love it!

  3. Love it - the drape is ridiculously cool! No not too short at all!


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