Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love for an 80's dress.

I found this dress at the Sallies for $5 about a week ago. After removing the shoulder pads, because I felt they were a bit too much, I wore the dress to go see Trinny and Susannah at the local mall. I love the pattern and the way it nips in at the waist...

I also love the tulip skirt. Overall I felt it was a flattering shape, I got lots of compliments ;-)

But I am still not convinced about all the volume in the shoulder region. I think I may have to get the sleeves fixed!?
Trinny and Susannah were great...they worked some major magic on some people. I think its so sad when women try to dress themselves so they disappear. Everyone has good points and bad points, I say hide the bad and flaunt the good!


  1. That dress is gorgeous! The shoulders don't look too big to me.

  2. I dont see that the shoulder area looks too big. It looks lovely to me, great find!


  3. LOVE the dress! i fix up my sleeves all the time, un-shoulder pad, or rehem...can make a dress 100x cuter :) <3

  4. what a great dress! pretty shape and lovely flower pattern. :)


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