Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day tripping.

As it was so beautiful, we decided to spend the day on a road trip down the Mornington peninsula, about an hour out of Melbourne. First, of course, we stopped in Frankston so I could spend a little time browsing the racks in savers! I came away with three dresses and a little belt...bring on summer!

Afterwards we drove down the eastern side of the peninsula to the little seaside towns hidden there. Our first stop was Balnarring, which has been cut off at the top of my map! We got a bit over excited at the beach...because the sand squeaks when you walk on it! This isn't the first time we have come across this, but we are easily excited.

There was wildflowers everywhere...

It was so nice to be outside in the sunshine...both of us well covered in sunscreen of course...

So pretty.

Looking across the bay.

We then meandered a bit further down the coast to Flinders, where there were para-gliders just off the cliffs, so close we could have touched them. All tuckered out after our trip, we had burgers and ice cream for dinner, and drove home.
But, just to top it off, we then went rollerblading along the beach near our house...alas, the sun set so we were finally forced back home!


  1. I'm so jealous of the sun! Your pink dress is adorable!

  2. I love these shots of you, you look stunning in your bright pink dress :)

  3. Rollerblading! A perfect end to the day. You look great in pink.

    I received the package. Thank you so much. I love the dress and it fits. And the belt was such a sweet surprise. I will be sending yours this week or next - sorry for the delay, just working the shipping fees into my budget :)


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