Saturday, October 17, 2009

My favourite find.

I found this little black blazer a few weeks ago at one of my local op shops. It was one of those moments, when you see something wonderful on the crowded racks, and you almost throw yourself on it in case any other poor soul in the shop wanted that exact item. You all know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you have all done it!

Well it fits like a dream, and I am in love. It has been worn all over the place!
I had been looking for a little blazer like this for SO long (like MONTHS!) and I now have two. Yes, two. This is the one I plan to keep, but I also found a cropped, fitted pure cream delustered silk jacket...with patch pockets at the round she goes market. It is too small for me across the shoulders, so I may have to find it a new home!
Everything I am wearing today is thrifted, except my tights. The locket is the one I brought from etsy a while back. I'm very happy with it, so now I am working up the courage to buy clothing off etsy..I worry sometimes that it will be an expensive disappointment, though I'm sure it will work out fine! I spent the day op shopping ( and got nothing), and then went to the movies with a friend to see Whip It...a great movie!Tomorrow The Boyfriend and I are going on a mini road trip...yay :-)

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  1. Very cute blazer!
    I was the same with buying clothing off Etsy! I've since bought a few things and I just love them.
    If in doubt just convo the seller for extra measurements etc. I'm sure you will find yourself addicted before too long :)


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