Thursday, October 8, 2009

Burlesque and hard rubbish.

On Sunday the boyfriend and I got in our glad rags to go and see the Ruby Revue , which is mainly a burlesque show, with the Terrible Twosome, some friends of ours :-) I wore a dress I brought last week, with the same thrift loving friends, from Retrostar!
Recently I have been really into braiding the front of my hair and then twisting both sides round to a bun at the back. Normally I don't wear my hair up unless I'm at work, I hate the way a ponytail looks on me! But now that its getting so long I have to think of ways to wear it over the hot, hot summer (that I'm sure is on its way...)

Notice how pale I am! I actually GLOW! Get used to it, as I will look this way all summer too...

This girl was one of the acts at the show, she juggled umbrellas with her THAT is a talent!

On the way home we suddenly realised that it was HARD RUBBISH WEEK in the Terrible twosomes neighbourhood. We all LOVE hard rubbish, its like free op shopping!
We drove round and found all sorts of treasures, but after midnight we decided enough was enough. So many other people were going through all the hard rubbish was pretty funny!
What made it even crazier was the fact that all four of us were dressed up to the nines, pawing through other peoples trash, in the middle of the night...

Therefore it seemed only fitting that we did a photo shoot with our finds. Yes, we found all this stuff in a few hours..and if we had a trailer there would be more! Some of the other treasure hunters took these photos for us...
The boyfriend and I found a brand new iron grill pan, a cut crystal brandy decanter, the most amazing wooden retro chair frame (which I hope to flat pack and send to NZ..hopefully customs will let me!), a scooter and a toy gun (which the boyfriend felt he needed...)
A productive night!
On another note, I made some low fat muffins tonight, the first time I have ever made anything from a boxed cake mix. They were awful. I will never be that lazy again. I know how to cook, I have no excuse! And I also brought a wonderful cobalt silk dress.....


  1. Love the hair! I think my hair to short but I might have to try to replicate that look somehow. Definitely much classier than a ponytail!

  2. Sounds like a fun night! My friend loves hard rubbish nights too.

    Oh btw the parcel arrived I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!

  3. I love your hair, the braids are so pretty! I've tried that look, but my hair is too fine. :(
    Love the dress too!

  4. I would love to go to a burlesque show, sounds awesome! what better way to end the night than with a rubbish hunt, you can actually find some pretty good stuff cant you.
    I must say you are exactly the same as me...i never ever ever wear my hair up unless im at work! and if it wouldnt get in the way at work it would be down too.



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