Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My week (so far) in pictures.

On Monday I went shopping in St Kilda, the suburb next to mine. It has a great mix of shops, and a nice vibe. Its all about the vibe for me!
The picture above is what I wore for the day. The dress is MUCH shorter than what I would normally wear, so I decided to trial it for the day, just to see if I would feel comfortable in it.

I didn't though. I just feel too self conscious with SO much leg on show, and as I have said before, I have heavy legs (more leg to love?). So the dress will have to go...if you like it leave a comment and I will post it too you! I am also wearing my new dark brown leather sandals(you will be seeing alot of these). Everything else was thrifted.

I tried on this jumpsuit, in some fancy shop. I liked the cut, though it needed a bit more fabric round the bum! Speaking of the fabric, it was AWFUL, this stiff, scratchy see-through stuff, with no drape or movement. For over $200 I would expect WAY better fabric and attention to detail. Not impressed.

Last night some friends and I went to the Mixed pocket clothing exchange. It was pretty good, but not as big as I thought it would be, and the quality of the clothes wasn't that great. I would go again though, if only for the rush of speed shopping!
The thing, which had never occured to me until the moment I arrived, was, would anything fit? I am not skinny. I can range from a size 8 to a size 16 ( aus sizes) depending on the cut and the brand (I can never buy any bottoms at places like Supre). I am to fat to be thin and too thin to be fat...a no mans land, where super skinny "trendy" stores have clothes too tiny, but I fit nothing in "plus" size store either! Thankfully the stuff at the clothing swap was fine, but it made me think. Do any of you have this "inbetween" problem?
I wore this dress, which I have had really is so comfy, and such a flattering cut!
A thrifted cropped waistcoat, shoes from Barkins, beanie and jewelry all thrifted.

After the clothing swap we went to Gurkhas for dinner. AMAZING food, terrible service.

After far too much wine later we all tottered off home, dreading work the next day...


  1. I have to say even if the jump suit was horrible fabric that style looks totally fabulous on you! Those big clothing swap things sound a bit scary to me, they're starting up a bit in NZ too now. I much prefer a little clothes swap action with friends.

    I think the first dress is fab - it looks so cute and fun, I think you can definitely pull it off but it's about feeling comfortable and if you don't you dont. If you don't want it I'll have it please :)!!

  2. Love the shoes your are wearing in both outfits!
    I think the little dress looks cute on you! But it's no point trying to wear something that you don't feel comfortable in.

  3. I think you should keep the first dress! I honestly dont know what you think is wrong with it :) Perhaps you could wear leggings with it?
    Im probably about the same size as you ...a 12 AU in most things...but like you said its like some shops (such as supre) i wouldnt bother trying on pants! Skirts and tops are usually ok. But yes it is such a pain, they should really have universal sizes.
    I like both of the pairs of shoes.
    Cute photo of you and your friend :)


  4. I absolutely love the jumpsuit on you! you look fantastic.
    by the way - thank you for your comment on my blog earlier this week, you have lived/traveled so many places, i'm quite jealous! I'm curious about your tattoos too!
    x's and o's

  5. O O O! Am I too late? Is your cute dress gone? I'm a size 12-14. Can I have it pretty please if it hasn't already gone to someone else? I don't understand why you've giving it away though. I think you're gorgeous in it. And I am also "heavy-legged" but wear shortish skirts anyway. If people don't like it, they don't need to look. Hahahaha. And you don't even have heavy legs!!!

    I loved St Kilda's when I was there. Beachy and very laidback.

    Email is

  6. OH awwww! D'oh. I should really have looked further up in the comments. Maxi dress sounds good. But only if you let me swap you for it -- I have a few things like clothes and shoes. What's your shoe size?

    Email me and I'll take some quick photos and send it to you.


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