Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The lovely Mamushka Marie has put up an interesting post about her tattoos, and has also asked me about mine. I read a statistic once that stated that New Zealander's are "the most tattooed nation per capita" , and it didn't really surprise me, as most of my friends have been inked. This seems to be a cultural thing, perhaps because New Zealander's appear to hate being thought of as conservative, and the influence of maori culture.
I have six tattoos, more than most people I know, excluding tattoo artists of course!
On my right shoulder I have this large rose design, which has been an ongoing work in progress over the last few years, as I have had it redone and enlarged several times.

I also have a somewhat faded blue bird of paradise on my right ankle, which I hope to get recoloured soon. I got this tattoo at Venice beach, California, and have semi regretted it ever since. The tattoo artist did a pretty piss poor job, and I was damn near delirious with food poisoning ...not a good time to make decisions!
Across my left hip I have a trio of dancing faeries. I got these all done individually in my late teens, and have since had them recoloured, they are very cute :-)
My final tattoo is the southern cross on my right wrist. I get a lot of comments about this one. In NZ I get positive comments, and lots of "I love it, I want to get one too". In Australia I get "....your missing a star" (they represent the southern cross as having five stars). In America many people thought it was a religious symbol!
Thankfully I have a job where tattoos are quite common. Over the years I have met many nurses with visible tattoos, though interestingly no doctors. I have not yet been judged on my tattoos when looking for work, but I have when trying to rent a flat. Despite my great references, steady income, and Innocent face :-) , one Realtor refused to rent me her property until she had met my sister...after which she declared me "normal" and let me have the flat! (and the flat was a real shit hole anyway!)
Surprisingly, the group of people who are most taken by my tattoos are my elderly patients. Many of them think that I have drawn on myself, and have to crank out their glasses just to check me out! Many elderly love them and ask lots of questions....
I personally think tattoos can be stunning and true works of art, when done by the right person, though I don't like armbands, or angry violent tattoos on women....or playboy bunnies.
Are any of you tattooed?

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, I will be sending the dress to Charlie tomorrow (sorry its so late!). These last few days have been spent semi-drowned at a music festival...will post about it soon!


  1. I must be in the minority, as I have none and never plan on getting any.
    Actually I'm usually quite surprised when I find out someone I know has a tattoo. Guess I'm too innocent minded for my own good :)

  2. I loved hearing about your tattoos, I dont have any myself and dont plan on getting one, but dont mind them on other people, i have a few friends and family with them. Your roses are really pretty. You will have to show us your bluebird, fairies and stars some time!
    Arent the elderly people sweet, i can just imagine them admiring your tattoos :)
    By the way my graduate nurse interview was SO easy! Now to wait for offers, they come out in a couple of weeks.


  3. I love hearing people's tattoo stories. I have one, planning on more but just need to right designs to come to me.

    can't wait for the dress!

  4. i just got one this summer. Going through hard times and got "three little birds"--bob marley on my back, the birds also represent my daughters. It is all black, red and white, with little touches of yellow in the flowers.

    Come visit my blog if you get a chance

    Always Summer

  5. I like the tattoo! It's beautiful. And I don't usually like coloured tattoos! I think the purple rose works! Lovely!!!



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