Friday, July 24, 2009

lonely and sad thrifter

This is what I wore to go shopping in Frankston the other day plus a coat and some accessories. Alas I had taken them off before I thought of taking a photo and was too lazy to put them back on! I got the dress for $5 at a antique store in Warrnambool.
I have loved Warrnambool since I first visited it three years ago, and every time I go it never fails to disappoint. It is the sweetest wee seaside town, with the nicest "vibe". We timed it right this time and we got to see whales just off the shore at Logan's was awesome!
And on another subject...
When I go op-shopping I tend to go on my own, the boyfriend can only handle it for a short while before he hightails it to the car/nearest park so he can read his book. I have never really ever had an "thrifting buddy", because my friends just don't get it, and I am forever travelling anyway. We are all alone and adrift in Melbourne and know not a soul...well, we know one soul, but he's a nutter, and not in a good way.
But late last night, when I was terribly tired ( sleep drunk?) I put an ad on gumtree asking for an op shopping buddy...and you wouldn't believe the replies I got! Some of them were nice and normal and I hope to meet up with them soon, but some were down right weird. One person sent an email which said " you do sucky wucky?", and there were a couple from guys that seemed to be asking me out "I don't mind to shop, but I love coffees and long drives in the car..."
I am a bit overwhelmed!
Am off to the Organic Expo oddly excited about it!


  1. I love the print and colours of that dress. And good on you for putting yourself out there finding op shop buddies. As to the creepy replies, that's almost always to be expected! That's the downside of the internet.

  2. The organic expo sounds exciting. That is quite funny about those replies you received from gumtree! My boyfriend and I drag each other around the shops, i go into shops he wants to go in, and then he comes in shops that I like, and if not we drift apart and meet up again, it works quite well :)



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