Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mexican dresses

For some reason I have decided I must have one of these dresses
They are so sweet and simple
I think they would look great belted and worn with sandals
Especially the white one above
Although I do love the white one, I am seriously thinking about buying this black one
My heart beats faster when I see it
It would be the perfect cover-up on hot summer days (to protect my day-glow skin)
And it has pockets...
I am in love.
The weather here in Melbourne is so much warmer than an NZ winter, and I am still thinking about summer clothes!


  1. Oh I bet you're loving the warmer winter! And I agree - these type of dresses are gorgeous in their simplicity and the wee embroidered neckline. I know that Forever 21 has some fantastic, quite cheap options like this if you want to shop online!

  2. I love the embroidery on them so cute - hope you find the one you want - the black one is so darling!


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