Thursday, July 2, 2009


When you guys look at my photos you may notice I almost always wear the same necklace
I love my beautifully made little robot from Jewelsvine
His little arms and head move, and he is made to last
I treasure him above all else in my wardrobe!

I first stumbled across Jewelvines amazing little pendants and lockets at the weekly markets in Nelson, New Zealand
For many months I would stare longingly at these treasures, especially the robots, trying to figure out how to make one mine
Little did I know that the boyfriend had noticed
And he secretly ordered me one off Etsy
My own perfect little bronze robot, who earns lots of compliments
And who makes everything I wear look that much better!


  1. very cute! I hadnt noticed you wear it in your photos. Im sure I will from now on :)


  2. I'm sorry! I've been meaning to stop by in such a long time to tell you that I love love love the new blog. Definitely a fantastic change. You're looking so lovely in all your earlier posts!

    I think you should get a Twitter! If you do, make sure to add me!

  3. That necklace is adorable! I'm jealous. I love that it has moving parts.


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