Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the morning of my wedding day I will not be enjoying a delicious breakfast in bed. I will not be basking in the morning sunshine, contemplating the day ahead. Nope, not me. Instead I plan to get up at dawn for a run, and after a rushed breakfast I will be dragging my brothers and sisters out of bed and heading to The Riverside. Why? Because we only get the venue for all of the Saturday and till midday on the Sunday, which means all decorating has to be done on the wedding day, We plan to get married at around 2pm, and I hope to have the reception venue decorated by 10am!
To save money and my sanity I have decided on a simple table theme of old boys and girls annuals (does anyone remember those?!) and mismatched glass jars, kinda like this:

From here.

To prevent decoration burnout, and to keep things on schedule my "team"and I are also going to put up a couple of large scale decorations, hanging from the small stage and the peaked roof, instead of multiple small things. I am super excited about our main and (depending on the size we make it) possibly only ceiling decoration...a giant mobile of origami hearts!

Look at this beautiful flock of origami birds!

I like the idea of hanging them from a branch, or a twisted piece of driftwood?

Here's a good use for some of the hearts post-wedding.

I love the idea we will make hundreds of  hearts, and hang the mobile like a huge cloud of love over our guests!

The origami hearts will also tie in with our invites.....oooohhhh...the suspense!

(I have no idea where I got the last few pictures, sorry)

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  1. This is awesome, I can't wait! Let me know if you want any help folding your million hearts, after next week I've nothing but time on my hands :)


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