Monday, May 16, 2011

And the winner is...

The Riverside community and cafe! We are hiring the hall on the property, and the wedding will be catered by the award winning cafe, with food grown on the grounds and locally sourced meat etc...Yay!
Riverside appears to essentially be a commune, the hippy sort, which has been in existence since the 1940's. I never knew it was even there until I stumbled over it in a random web search while panicking about our lack of venue. Mum and Dad visited it for me and pronounced the staff lovely, and Mum stated the decor didn't make her "want to puke"....charming.
In fact, the surroundings are lovely, the food is excellent and we hope it will great place for our reception.I have all sorts of plans for the decoration, including an installation of sorts...

I am not sure if this particular cow comes standard,time will tell..but aren't the views of the mountains lovely?!

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  1. Ohhh I think you choose the perfect venue!!! aND the view is just amazing. How exciting :)



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