Monday, September 6, 2010

The last few days have been distinctly uneasy for us. Early Saturday morning we were woken with the news that Christchurch had been struck by a 7.1 earthquake, but because the phone lines were overloaded we both waited anxiously for hours to hear from our families. Thankfully there has been no fatalities yet, but the destruction is widespread and some areas destroyed. My sister was evacuated in the middle of the night from her boarding school hostel, as part of it had collapsed. Two good friends of mine were on night shifts in the local hospitals, and they both report widespread panic amongst both patients and staff, with some staff running out of the hospital, and are yet to return.
The Boyfriend and I have been obsessively watching the news all weekend worried about the ongoing aftershocks, wondering if another big one is on the way. A concern which will be foremost on the minds of all those still living in Christchurch. Lauren has blogged about her frighting ordeal, and  Andrea has reflected on her close call, having left Christchurch just a few weeks ago.

Pre-earthquake I spent Friday op shopping down Chapel street, overpriced but hard to resist. The only thing I brought was an amazing wedding card album from 1955, which has the original invitation, all the acceptance cards, then all the gift cards from Bev and John's wedding. The cards, letters and messages are delightful, a piece of someones family history, which seems a real shame to have thrown away. I will post pictures later this week!

It has been noticeably warmer here recently, so I have been able to shed the heavy winter layers.

My dress was $6.99 from Savers in Frankston. It is 100% wool, yet so soft and light I can see myself wearing it in summer too. The cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe, also wool, I wear it all the time. The tooled leather belt was $3 from an opshop in Sale, rural Victoria, and you have all seen my clogs before!


  1. Yay for new bargains!

    Thanks for your comment hun :)
    I'll put some pic's up soon. We're all ok just a bit shaken, pretty frightening!
    Pleased to hear your family & friends are ok!
    I think the shop is ok but it may not be safe to enter, the city is blocked off so hopefully I'll find out soonish.

  2. I can only imagine how scary that must have been not being about to contact your families. Has there been earthquakes in Christchurch in the past?
    I love your outfit! How come were not getting warm weather yet? its been even more wintery since spring has began :(


  3. How scary for you having to wait so long to hear from your families! I know my sister was super worried in Canada.
    We are holding up ok, just praying for the aftershock to end, I am at my wits end!


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