Friday, August 20, 2010

Award week!

This week both Porcelain Complexion and Perfectly Indecisive have passed on the versatile blogger award to me! Thanks ladies!

So seven facts about me....

1) I have double jointed thumbs. Its my party trick. I can eat and drink with them tucked back for     really freaks people out! 

2)  People always think they know me, or that we have met before, even when I'm sure we haven't. Either I have very early onset dementia or, as I am frequently told, I have 'one of those faces'. This happens to me several times a week, it happened twice yesterday alone!

3)I have a truly excellent sense of direction and can successfully navigate myself GPS required.

4) I bite my nails. When I was small mum put that yucky tasting nail polish on them to try and stop me. But it didn't work, as I liked the taste!

5) My favourite food is ice cream. Love the stuff.

6) I was a vegetarian for two years.

7) I am a prolific reader, usually 2 -3 novels a week. I read on the tram and in my break, and have also perfected the art of reading while walking. I'm terrible, if i don't have a book I will read whatever I can get my hands on, including labels and dockets...sad....

Most bloggers seem to have done this one, so instead I will put out an open invite to anyone who wants it!


  1. Loved your facts!
    I adore books too, I actually miss the days of being a bus passenger - I have far less time to read now :(

  2. Your thumbs are freaky!!! (Sorry, it just reminds me of this thing my brother used to do to freak me out!)
    Also, I am seriously craving ice cream now....

  3. I have a contact in Flickr who loves distorting his fingers like that. :)

    Your sense of direction is awesome! It's a talent!

    I love ice cream, too; and blogging helps me to become a better reader. :)


  4. ewww your thumb freaked me out too!! I can't scroll up and look at it.

    I bite my nails too, such a bad habit. But one that I just can't break.


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