Monday, July 19, 2010

Two of my favourite things.

This weekend I have been wearing two items from my wardrobe non-stop. Number one of course being my new clogs. I can't recommend them enough, they are the most comfortable shoes I own!
Clogs are also super practical in the awful rain we have been having recently, as they keep my feet high and dry. Aloof above the puddles. I foresee that not only will I be wearing these shoes to death, but I may also buy another pair......

This is the pair I now own....

CIA ( clogs in action! )

These may also find their way into my house....

You may have also noticed my new (to me) fake fur jacket! I picked it up for $20 at an opshop down Chapel street on Friday afternoon. I have never really been a fan of fake fur (or real fur for that matter) but recently I have found it creeping into my wardrobe. Starting with the collar of this jacket and now my new full-blown fur find. It feels rather luxurious, and guilt animals were harmed, and I am preventing a still usable fabric from being thrown into a landfill!? The jacket appears to be handmade, and was much loved by someone at one point, but now its my turn........


  1. Yay you got them!
    Love the fur jacket!!

  2. They look like the perfect summer sandal! Speaking of summer - its coming!

  3. Oh yay you found your clogs!


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