Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to my wardrobe.

Please welcome the newest addition to my wardrobe, a stunning yellow vintage wool coat! I brought it on Saturday from Retrostar in central Melbourne, $89 that I don't regret spending. I am still tossing up whether the collar is real or fake fur ( I like to think its fake, but I have been outvoted), and it brings up the moral question...is secondhand fur OK?? Other than that I love the pattern, over sized yellow buttons and cool stitching details across the back...yay!
The last photo? This is what happens when your boyfriend really doesn't care if you are actually IN the photo when he takes it. Good thing he has a day job!
Jeans: $29 Sussans
Boots: $10 Retrostar sale
Top: made by me
Necklace $4.95 Sussans


  1. Love the colour! and I think it is okay, we wear leather anyways. Its not like you had it commissioned or anything. I also think new fur is okay if it is from a pest ie possum fur is fine.

  2. lol, sounds like my bf who hates taking any form of photo that relates to my blog.
    I really like the pattern of your jacket. You might be able to google the jacket if you have the brand to find out about the fur if you really want to know. I still need to get out all my jackets and put away my summer wardrobe!


  3. Such a perfectly sunny coat to ward of the Melbourne winter blues!

  4. Haha the last picture is so cute!
    And love the coat. I'm not big on fur, but I figure second hand is ok. Better for someone to be enjoying it that it going to waste.

  5. Very jealous of your brightly coloured winter coat. I feel so depressed with all the black coats around in winter. As for secondhand fur, well it's more of a trim than the main event on the coat? Probably the answer is no, but for this coat, I can forgive it.


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