Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fancy that.

On Friday the weather was foggy and cold, perfect for staying tucked up indoors. I used the day to do some general tidying, including going through my pile of "saved" clothes, carefully stored in my wardrobe. I had been saving the clothing to possibly sell on Trademe, or at one of the markets here in Melbourne. But when I looked through them again I realised there was a few things I wanted to keep....

One of them was this 100% silk dress I thrifted for a $1 at Colac in country Victoria. I was pretty excited when I found it (as I am about most things...) but once I got it home I never wore it due to its unflattering mid-calve length. I loped off about 30cm and properly hemmed it...what a difference it made! It will get a lot of wear, as silk always feels lovely, and the heart shaped mother-of-pearl buttons running up the back are so darn cute! I am very pleased.

Finally how sweet is this wee plate I picked up at Savers on Monday? I love the poem.

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  1. The dress looks great on you, its very flattering. But brrr too cold for dresses at the moment. Im rugged up infront of the heater atm.
    I have a heap of things that I was going to try and sell maybe online somehow, havent heard of trademe, so I will have to check it out :)



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