Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Layer cake.

Top $20 and jeans $29 both from Target (oops). Freaking awesome wool blazer thrifted for $12 at Value City Super Savers!

I just love the embroidery on the sleeves of my new blazer, it makes me feel like a sailor!?The photos aren't great, I got the boyfriend to take them as we were running out the door to dinner.
I went on an across Melbourne tram/train trip to Value City Super Savers last week, and after walking through dodgy neighbourhoods and getting attacked by a rouge umbrella I deserved this blazer...it made the trudge worth it!

A few of you asked me last post how I managed to survive the colder weather with bare legs. Simple!
Underneath my dress I was wearing a long sleeved fine knit merino top, plus I had thick merino/possum socks on to keep my toes toasty, and the blazer is a wool blend. With wool as my base I can feel almost too warm, and am thankful for my bare legs! Just to make sure, I take a warm scarf and gloves with me at all times. Because I like to layer up with lightweight but cosy items it means if I get too hot walking all over the place I can just take them off and stuff them in my handbag. I hate carrying bulky jackets all over the city! Melbourne is getting pretty cold now, with a vicious icy wind blowing off the sea, and rain is always threatening....so its ALL about the layers ladies!


  1. I like your new blazer too! I have never seen one with embroidery before.
    I find that too, I get hot in winter when I dress for freezing weather.


  2. You are fast becoming the queen of stylish blazers!

  3. As soon as I saw your blazer I clicked to follow your blog, it's THAT gorgeous. The detail is awesome! I'm also a teeny bit jealous :p xo

  4. This is the magic of a wonderful Blazer! A Blazer could make an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary!…………that explains my love for them right?

    You look wonderful and the stripes are so French I love them♥

  5. You really do have some amazing blazers!!

    And I completely agree on wearing merino under everything, but even so I still need stockings as well. Although Dunedin is just a tad colder than melb.


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