Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I wore...

To K's going away party. This dress is a simple jersey halterneck number that I got for $27 at a shop down Bridge road . The only point of difference was that it had a wooden beaded collar piece that you can see in the first photo. I wore it with a cropped black blazer and some simple black sandals, As I had spent the whole day shopping for K's present I just wanted something comfy! To make my outfit a little more special I wore an armful of braclets, also useful to defend myself against muggers! I always wear bracelets on my left arm...
So, even though this outfit was quite simple and easy to wear, I got HEAPS of compliments on it...almost enough to give me a bit of a big head!

Hope you are all having a good week :-)


  1. Loving all those bracelets! Your outfit did look great. I remember going to bridge road last time we were in Melbourne. We walked from the free loop tram stop, by the time we got back we were completely pooped! But its a good shopping spot isnt it.
    Im not having a great week, tomorrow is day 6 :( and then finallyyyy 3 days off! :) the joys of nursing.


  2. LOVE the stacked braclets! Your whole look is very classic, love it.

  3. No wonder you received lots of compliments! you look lovely. I'm always impressed at the scores you get from op-shops! you really do have an amazing eye for it.


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