Sunday, May 2, 2010


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I read an article recently about scent. It focused mainly on the participants own personal favourites and why they chose them. But it got me to thinking, what smells trigger memories for you? 
For some unknown reason I have a fondness for Night Magic perfume. As far as I remember I got given some by my friend in high school (her mum was an avon lady), and to this day the smell reminds me of high school and family road trips to Dunedin (For the bagpipe championships...where my siblings played, not me!)

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Knight's castile soap also brings back memories. It always reminds me of the back porch tub, on the farm I grew up on...that and Sunlight soap, mum always had bowls of it everywhere.

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My signature scent is very simple, and a little unusual. I get compliments on it all the time, people have even stopped me in the street to ask about it!

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The Body Shops coconut perfume oil! The fragrance lasts all day, and it means I always smell like a summer holiday...yay!


  1. mmm body shop stuff is so good! Have you smelt the mango body butter? is smells delicious.


  2. Arpege reminds me of my late mother. Charlie reminds me of my late aunt. The combo of chocolate, tobacco and peppermint reminds me of little corner stores with wooden floors and wire racks that spin around, and lolly jars where you could get three bullets for one cent!


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