Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The last dinner party.

Last night I made the (short) journey to K's house, for our last dinner party.
K is punishing us and leaving to go back to her home planet, though she swears she will be back. I met her at work (she is a fellow agency nurse) about a year ago now and it was friendship at first sight, she will be sadly missed, and will leave a big hole in all our lives.

More mirror photos, different location this time! Taken in the lift in my apartment building.

As predicted, alot of wine was drunk which resulted in alot of silliness, including K wearing metallic tights on her head...for some time I might add! As more wine was consumed, we included props in our pictures, and then found the cupboard under the stairs...
I am unsure how much we drunk, as K kept declaring the wine tasted like vinager and throwing it out, I know nothing about wine, in fact good wine would be a waste on me, as I think it ALL tastes bad!
I am a spirits girl through and through.

Then I began the slow, slightly intoxicated, trip home.
On the way I saw the secret late night world of the public transport system...
Lost looking backpackers, a VERY drunk woman with no shoes, a couple trying their best to make babies on the train, a young irish woman sobing down the phone ("BUT why don't you love me?!!!"), and my personal favourite, a guy dancing to his ipod music on the platform...

But I was not clever enough to get a photo of him ( and don't worry, someone helped the backpackers...) 
K's final hurrah is on Friday, so I have to buy a new dress, waterproof mascara and a box of tissues.
And now I am off to find some painkillers...


  1. Sounds like an action packed night! And it deffinatley seems you were kept entertained at the train station lol.
    I like your skirt your wearing, or is it a dress?


  2. haha this looks so fun! And love your dress!


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