Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Does it sound weird that one of my life goals is to own a retired greyhound?
I think these dogs are so elegant and gentle, but they have an undeserved "aggressive" reputation. The reality is that they are gentle, friendly, undemanding dogs, that sleep a lot, require minimal exercise, shed and smell less than most other breeds.
As soon as we are settled back in New Zealand, maybe next year, I plan to put us on the waiting list for a greyhound, through greyhounds as pets.
Before greyhound rescue programmes came along, huge numbers of these dogs were put down every year, because they could no longer race :-(

Look at those sweet wee faces!

Thank you to everybody who commented on my last post, they were very much appreciated :-)


  1. I love the racing greyhounds, ive seen them at a stall at a craft fair and they were so lovely. Mum and I spoke about getting one, but we have a cat so that would be no good seen as they are taught to chase things that look like cats.


  2. Hi Vicci,
    I couldn't help smiling when I saw your post, my Husband really wants a greyhound too! I'm more of a French bulldog kind of person but I keep open minded about it. In fact, we'll probably end up with a mutt when the time comes ;)
    I like your style, keep on!
    And thank you for linking me :)


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