Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jackets i'm loving right now.

These are my current three favourite jackets. I have worn them with a basic outfit of white tank $10 Target, jeans $30 Farmers and shoes $10 thrifted. The jacket above was thrifted for $15...its my most favourite jacket of all, and one of the best finds I have had all year! No matter what I wear it with I feel it adds a touch of class...

This soft leather jacket cost me $10 from the salvation army. I love it, but I need to get the shoulder repaired, as it has a rip. The possible cost scares me though! The scarf is silk, found at an op shop in New Zealand last year.

And the infamous yellow silk blazer:-)

Why am I wearing jackets when it is summer over here? Because I am cleaning out my closet and packing, as the Boyfriend and I are going back to New Zealand for a month over christmas. We are both really excited!


  1. Please bing some nice weather with you!!!
    I really love the cut of the first jacket and it looks like it would go with EVERYTHING!

  2. I am loving jackets too now. You must be looking forward to your holiday! Althougth the weather here is pretty topsy turvy....
    That yellow jacket is something else!

  3. I love the first black jacket! I have been wanting a 'boyfriend' blazer since forever. But as I have broad shoulders, a lot of jackets make me look bigger!


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