Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pompeii exhibition Melbourne.

Me in the "environment Victoria" exhibition. Outfit details: Jacket $24 from Savers. Top 50c from my local op shop. Purse $1 thrifted. Jeans and shoes seen before.

Last week the boyfriend and I went to the Melbourne museum to see the Pompeii exhibition. It was great, and quite poignant, but we weren't allowed to take any pictures.

Don't you just want to crawl into this bed and take a snooze!?

So afterwards we wandered the rest of the museum. I was pretty taken with the reproduction "old Melbourne" houses....

And these awesome ? napkin rings in the young designers section

And of course the stuffed version of the much debated Phar lap ( an ongoing NZ and Australian debate which no one else in the world cares about).

The boyfriend was a good boy and sat in the moon booth for me. He was pretty scared in the bug exhibition, and fascinated by the dinosaurs.

I struck a final pose in the car park.

Incidentally the top I am wearing is just an old fashioned lace and satin camisole, but I have had heaps of compliments about it, In one pretty fancy clothing shop the sales girl asked where I got it and if there were any left! My new favourite jacket is so great..three quarter sleeves, wool, and the most amazing buttons! I am in love...


  1. Ive been to the Melbourne museum a couple of times. and pharlap is huge! Its quite a good museum and different to the one here in Adelaide.
    I guess thats the good thing about thrifted clothes, others cant buy the same thing! Your jacket is cute too.


  2. Love museums, look like you had a good time. They stole Phar lap!!

  3. Phar lap is ours!!!!
    Yay for lots of compliments on a bargain.


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