Saturday, August 29, 2009

I think I want a cutout swimsuit this year....

I really love the style of this suit from Yomono, I think it would be especially flattering to my figure. I'm not too sure about the colour scheme though. The fact it is made out of organic cotton is a plus!

I also really like this swimsuit from etsy seller Sugargirlboutique, they make all sorts of other great styles too.

I have no idea where I found this image, sorry if its yours!

Like so many other women around the world I hate swimsuit shopping. With a passion. I don't look great in one pieces, I think they make me look too "covered up". Not that I want to strut round in a little bikini, but I don't want to look like a Nana either, which I tend to look like in a one piece! I have a very pear shaped body (full hips and a small bust-oh how I wish it was bigger!), and I know that a lot of other girls with heavy legs like mine tend to wear board shorts to cover-up. I think it makes them look worse. Personally I feel all the extra fabric (plus the t-shirt so many girls wear) is so unflattering, because it shows a lack of confidence. I would much rather see them in all there glory, jiggly bits and all!
I have no shortage of jiggly bits. To add the distress of swimsuit shopping I am also day-glow white,and I don't tan. At all. I have long ago learnt to consider my glow-in-the-dark paleness as a unique feature of me. But a tan always makes a swimsuit look better...even a slight tan!
On the bright side, I do have a pretty narrow waist (yay for being pear shaped!), and my stomach is kind flat (not bikini flat though). So I think a cut out swimsuit or a "monokini" will be the way I am going to go...
Ironically I hate swimming at the beach, too much sand and salt! Also, due to the above paleness I burn like you wouldn't believe. I DO love swimming at a lake/river though!


  1. cut out swimsuits are great and they do really flatter the figure, plus they are so much more interesting to look at aren't they. If you have a smaller bust I suggest go for something that that has a deep v and the front, you can get away with it and it will be gorgeous on you!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Hopefully the interviews arent too hard, i hate when they say.. can you remember a situation when.... and how did you react. Fingers crossed its more simple than that!
    Thats the good thing about nursing...being able to work anywhere!
    I do like these swim suits. Although i must admit i wear short boardshorts lol but not the tshirt.



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