Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maxi dresses.

Today we went to Frankston. I meant to go on my own, and make it an epic bus/train road trip. But the boyfriend kindly offered to drive me there, isn't he good!? I know that lots of people say you should never go op-shopping with a plan in mind, but I tend to buck this trend because otherwise I end up buying all sorts of crap. This time I was after maxi dresses.

I found these two, after trying on god knows how many in seven different op-shops. My biggest problem was the length. I am not a particuly tall person, but so many of the dresses barely made my ankles, it drove me bonkers! The black dress fits like a dream, it has a chiffon floaty layer on the top half, which hides all sorts of cost a bit more than I would usually pay, but I wanted it and the boyfriend was rushing me.

The floaty green dress was a bit of a find. After searching Savers high and low (and finding two other dresses, I will post them later) I was about to give up when I looked in the "costumes" section. I had glanced over the rack earlier, but can't have done a very good job! It seems to be a genuine 70's number, lovely and floaty, I'm thinking about removing the shorter layer, like in the second picture. What do you think?
Black dress: $53 Eyespy
Green dress: $14 Savers


  1. I love that second dress, especially in the second picture. I like how that layer can be turned into a sash- maybe you should try to make it into a permanent one. Good finds!

  2. I like it better in the second picture too. I think the long line of the dress is more flattering without being broken up by the shorter layer.
    Great find!

  3. I second the other - remove the second layer - has a much better line - although with it bunched up like a sash around the waist it looks cool like Megan says. That black one is lovely too!

  4. I deffinetely like the second picture best, so i recon removing the top layer would be a great idea :)


  5. I think the black was well worth what you paid. I love it! So chic.

  6. Ooh I love love the floaty floral one!!
    The sleeves look fabulous :)


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