Sunday, July 5, 2009

All sorts of stuff.

I am torn
I can't decide if I want these shoes from Betts

Or these ones (but in burgundy), they are both on sale!

I brought this wool coat from Salvation army on Inkerman road
It was a bit pricey at $23
But I loved it. Then I took it home and washed it
And it shrunk!
So that's why the sleeves look funny, I'm in the process of making them longer.

Its very comfy.

Because I'm bored this evening I've decided to take a whole pile of pictures
of some random stuff in my wardrobe, that I don't think I've shown before
Above is my $10 leather jacket, $5 silk top and my $8 wide leg jeans.

I started cranking out some different poses after a while.
Orange silk top $20 from Ezibuy.

Top $15 from Savemart in NZ, Trelise Cooper!
I like the way it gives me a bit of a bust.

Top $10 from Target, its much prettier close-up.

I got this weird see-through hoodie thing for $2 from a junky little op shop
I'm not quite sure what to do with it, but I couldn't pass it by!
I love the colour, and the little mother of pearl buttons
I think I should wear it with skinny black jeans and heels

The Boyfriend jumped in mid-picture
To give me a goodbye kiss (he was off to work)

I love this top
It is super flattering (I prefer things to fit close round my waist)
And it was only $3, from the warehouse in NZ!

You can't see in this photo, but it also has cute gathered shoulders

Top $5 second hand.

Jacket $12 from Target
The top is linen, with buttons all the way down the back, and floral cut outs on the front
it cost $2 at the Camberwell markets and has a definite 80's vibe.

This is what I wore today to see Ice age 3 in 3D
It was my first 3D experience
I loved it!
I apologise for the dodgy posing and background..both were unintentional and unavoidable!


  1. You are such a fabulous bargin hunter! :) the boyfriend photo is sweet.
    I like both of the betts shoes! I would love the brown ones best for myself :)


  2. I vote for the brown shoes, they are lovely.
    Though the others are not without their charm!

  3. hi. charming blog, cute clothes. i like the second pair of shoes best. they remind me of a dancer's shoes from the forties.


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