Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello old friend.

So, I'm back! I thought I may just stop blogging for good, but I found I have missed it.
So much has happened since I was last here. A friend has been buried, and a number of our friends have fled Christchurch, with no plans to return. I sold my wedding dress, and made the donation to the Red Cross. Since then there has been the horror of Japan, the death of Osama Bin Laden, Kate and Wills getting married and the controversial refugee issues here in Australia, just to name a few.
Things are going well for us. Dickie has celebrated his 30th and I my 28th. We have a number of NZ friends moving over here in the coming months, something we are both looking forward to. Ironically we are now planning our move back to NZ, sometime before our wedding!
Yes, that's right, we now have a date...and a reception venue...and a photographer....and a celebrant.
I will start again with the wedding posts tomorrow, but today I just wanted to say Hi :-)


  1. I hadn't checked your blog for ages, and, today of all days you've posted :) And updated your background! It's the same one I used for a uni assignment, love it!

    Have to catch up soon Vicci, feels like ages x

  2. How terrible that you had to bury a friend, so sorry for you.
    So is your wedding here or in NZ? What made you want to move back? I always think I could never move countries away from my family and friends, it would be so hard, so I can understand why you want to go back.
    Ive had a huge month so far, lots has happened and were only 9 days in! ha so im not suprised that youve got loads to share :)
    Welcome back, and im deffiantely looking forward to your posts again.


  3. Hi!
    So sorry you lost a friend. It's been a pretty big up and down year all right.

    Good luck with the rest of the wedding plans xx


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