Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Need to make!

Did I mention that I plan to make my two bridesmaids dresses? I know, I can hear the screaming from here...but don't cry for me yet....
Each of my bridesmaids are a completely different shape, and one of them is particularly body conscious (I don't know why, I think she is beautiful). So to prevent the inevitable horror that dress shopping would be, I have decided to make them an infinity dress each. That way they can have a dress made to their size, and can wear the straps any way they please! I made a couple over the holidays, and once you have it figured out they are actually pretty darn easy to sew, about an hour, including cutting time.
At this point I am planning on making them in navy, though I am tempted by different shades of blue, or maybe even floral.....
That aside, I have now decided I shall make them hairpieces too!
I finished sewing the buttonholes for the grooms party last week....sooooo fiddly but worth it. As soon as my camera is fixed I shall take a photo, but in the meantime here is the picture I used for inspiration...

(I don't know where I found this picture..if you do please tell me!)

So for the girls I thought I may do something similar...I love the look of these...

From here.

And in other news, I still have not found another reception venue!


  1. I love infinity dresses and I think it is a fantastic idea to make them for your bridesmaids.

    You could add different colours by adding a layer (or two) of chiffon or another floaty fabric (oo maybe a floral) under the main skirt.

    I'm love wedding cakes (my future career. fingers crossed) so can't wait till you start looking into what kind you will have!

  2. Wow, how on earth did you make the infinity dress? is there a pattern?
    Those hair pieces are lovely! You certainly are brave to be making everything :) cant wait to see what you come up with!


  3. Oh you're such a good bride making your bridesmaids beautiful dresses and headpieces that they can wear again. The Infinity dress idea is great. I've always wondered about those things. I once bought a similar top and had to take it back because I was a complete retard with tying it different ways :(


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