Friday, January 14, 2011

A foot up the hill.

So after much discussion (ie Dickie giving into what I wanted because I did all the work...), we have decided on our colour scheme! Its a little unusual, I haven't yet come across a wedding with this colour scheme on any of the blogs I trawl through daily. Having said that, while we may have chosen some base colours, I have no intention whatsoever of having a wedding where EVERYTHING has to be the same EXACT shade. So it all matches and makes the guest feel like they have taken drugs.....
Nope. That is not my plan. So here it is...........................

Both from here.

The basic colours are light blue and pink, cherry red and navy.
I know there will be heaps of other colours in there too, in fact, I'm sure I will lose track of these colours altogether, as I have a whole pile of retro dinnerware and tablecloths which I plan to use!
But these are the colours Dickie will be wearing, as he already has a vintage navy pinstripe suit, and he is going to look mighty dapper!
I will wear touches in my hair and I hope to get some awesome shoes....(Ruby red sequins?!)
Other than that it has been a fairly crappy week here. The bloody venue double booked us, so I told them to shove it and am now looking for a new one......

This morning the storm that has been threatening Melbourne for days has finally broken. It is PISSING down outside!
But I have just finished a long night shift, so I best go to bed before I start hallucinating.
And everyone, please, please spare a thought for our neighbours in really has gone to shit up there.


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  1. Such a bugger bout the venue double booking!! The same thing happened to my friend whose wedding is later this year, but she was lucky because they waved the venue hire fee because she changed the date!
    The colours look nice, I do love the idea of sequin red shoes :)



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